The Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generator

Atlas Copco’s Nitrogen generators for sale offer a safe, affordable and reliable source of nitrogen for any industrial application. With extremely low operating costs and excellent energy efficiency, these generators provide the right solution for your nitrogen requirements. With improved nitrification technology and a range of specialised accessories, the Nitrogen generators manufactured by Atlas Copco are designed for industrial and construction use. Whether you are looking for a portable system or a fixed power unit, you can count on the quality of Atlas Copco’s products.

How Do These Generators Function?

The generators produce nitrous oxide (NHO) gas, which is similar to the oxygen gas that is produced in the human body by the body’s respiration process. However, unlike the oxygen that is delivered to the lungs, the nitrogen is in a highly concentrated and ready to utilise state, resulting in higher quantities of high quality NHO gas. This higher concentration of NHO results in better purity and less pollution – all positive factors when considering the source of a nitrous generator. However, despite the highly positive aspects of using this alternative form of fuel, many industrial users may find it unsuitable for their applications because of poor availability of the gas and poor ventilation at on-site fabrication plants. However, Atlas Copco will manufacture a number of portable nitrogen oxygen generators for sale, based upon the size of the applications required.

For example, Atlas Copco produces a number of nitrogen-oxygen generators for sale in the high flow capacity class. These are used to provide sufficient levels of oxygen to manufacturing operations without the provision of an outside source of HFCs. However, despite the high flow capacity, it is very important to note that these models do not possess high purity, and in many cases they may not have high purity at all. In addition, the larger engines tend to be more difficult to maintain and repair, potentially compromising overall safety.

Features And Design

The Atlas Copco nitrogen generator, however, has been designed to fulfil the exact specifications required for industrial or high volume industrial use. The product offers excellent purity with a low moisture content of about 0.3%, and high purity, high flow capacity, and clean operation. The industrial grade Coccino model is said to be capable of providing up to eight hours of steady power, and has also been designed to withstand continuous heavy duty use. It has been claimed that the long life span of the product will be dependent upon the original manufacturer’s specifications, and that the product will produce clean pure nitrogen gas.

Another model from Atlas, which may appeal to a number of customers is its Coccino Titanium series. This particular model offers a higher level of purity than the standard Coccino but is also considerably more cost-efficient. With a stainless steel construction, it is capable of providing high purity nitrogen gas for up to five hours continuously and is said to be able to run on a single battery charge for extended periods. It is able to operate on either hot or cold weather conditions, making it highly suitable for industrial and food industry applications.

Additional Benefits Of These Generators

One of the main benefits offered by Atlas Copco nitrogen generators is that it is able to offer a wide range of products that can meet a wide variety of industrial and commercial requirements. A nitrogen generator, for example, can be used to supply a wide range of pumping and air conditioning applications, and in addition it can also be used to provide power in on-site applications such as air handling, power generation, and precision machining.

The company is also able to offer an extensive line-up of consumables for a wide range of applications. These include on-site nitrogen generators, on-site spark ignition furnaces, on-site nitrous oxide generators, and a comprehensive range of solid oxide products, which are particularly suited to applications where there is a need for a high purity nitrous oxide gas. As previously stated, this company is well positioned to supply a large number of different kinds of customers, both domestically and internationally, ensuring that they are always able to meet orders in a timely manner.