Growth of Biotechnology in India

The field of Biotechnology covers a vast area of scientific endeavour, involving a wide range of approaches to science and technology. With the advent of new technology, new diseases and other health problems have also developed. Therefore, the need for

The Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generator

Atlas Copco’s Nitrogen generators for sale offer a safe, affordable and reliable source of nitrogen for any industrial application. With extremely low operating costs and excellent energy efficiency, these generators provide the right solution for your nitrogen requirements. With improved

Sustainable Home Appliances

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There are many ways to save money in the world today, including using green products such as sustainable home appliances. Using sustainable home appliances saves not only the earth but also your bank account. These appliances conserve energy, heat, and

The Future Of Sustainable Energy

sustainable energy

Theoretical sustainability is relative, that is, it is only sustainable if certain conditions are met. However, sustainable energy aims to create a balance between the demands of human activities and natural resources. So it is important to determine the sources

New Tarmac Technology in 2021

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Tarmac is one of the main elements that make up a smooth paved road. It can be thought of as a paving paste or a thin layer of sand, concrete, or other crushed stone. It is used as the underlay

Technology & Communication


How has technology improved communication? As we move into the twenty-first century it is likely that we will see many more improvements in communication and one of them is likely to be VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol

World 5G Network

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5G network: 70 million new subscribers worldwide at the end of 2020. The services market is worth $ 53 billion To date, 220 million subscriptions to the 5G network have been activated globally and at the same time a services