How Can Technology Be Sustainable?


It is often thought that digitalization and sustainability are mutually exclusive terms, but this is not the case. The two are closely linked, but their driving factors are different. The latter involves investing in cutting-edge hardware, while the former involves embracing sustainable practices and supporting business.

3D Printing

3D printing is a great way to manufacture customised products at home or abroad. This process reduces transportation costs and air cargo volume and allows for high quality and customisation. However, 3D printing is not without risks. The process uses a lot of plastic and emits harmful fumes and ultra-fine particles when heated. By limiting the use of plastic, 3D printing can reduce health risks and make the process more sustainable.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be a valuable asset for sustainable business practices. It can help organisations reduce their carbon footprint, which is a leading cause of global climate change. Furthermore, it can help companies foster innovation and research. Sustainability is an important issue and is part of the global policy agenda.


New innovations in airplane technology are making the aviation industry more sustainable. By using advanced connectivity technologies, airlines will be able to maximize airspace and airports and optimize routes. This will reduce fuel consumption and increase on-time performance. Fuel-efficient engines and batteries will help reduce CO2 emissions. The weight of an aircraft also increases fuel consumption and emissions. By using lightweight composites in aircraft construction, the carbon footprint will be lower.