Growth of Biotechnology in India

The field of Biotechnology covers a vast area of scientific endeavour, involving a wide range of approaches to science and technology. With the advent of new technology, new diseases and other health problems have also developed. Therefore, the need for biotechnological medicines has grown tremendously. This article looks closely at the development of biotechnology, its impact on medicine, and its future prospects in India.

How Is Biotechnology Being Used?

Biotechnology is the term used to describe a group of technological approaches to biology that employ the natural forms of living organisms, or their inbred derivatives, to produce other useful products. These methods include genetic engineering, transcription mediated genetic expression, antibiotic resistance development, and synthetic gene therapy. All these methods normally use the living cells in their natural state (or back-breeding) to transform them into a product required by the industry.

The field of Biotechnology has developed immensely over the past 50 years with the assistance of various researchers and breakthrough technologies. One such significant breakthrough was the discovery of the DNA double-helix structure, which revealed the role of mutative molecules in the regulation of genetic expression. This discovery gave scientists a new level of understanding about the cellular level and the function of the genome. Since then, genetic engineering and editing techniques have been developed, giving humanity many new opportunities. Some of the major research achievements include creation of artificial eyes, muscles and organs, and development of genetically engineered plants, animals and viruses.

Another breakthrough in the field of Biotechnology was the discovery of the molecular basis of life, or the basis of all living things. This revelation gave the scientists the ability to manipulate the genetic processes in order to create and re-arrange specific DNA RNAs in order to induce specific biochemical responses. This technology is commonly referred to as biotechnology or biologically engineered science. Examples of tools used in this field include: genetic maps, gene transcription machines, genetic expression systems, artificial chromosomes, microorganisms, and other techniques that lay the foundation for the manipulation of biological processes at the molecular level.

In recent years, with the increase in globalization and urbanization, the growth of biotechnology industries is also increasing. India is one of the world leaders in this field. As a result of this, there are now thousands of small and large biotech companies in India that are growing in leaps and bounds all over the country. These companies utilize the latest technological advancements in the field of biotechnology to create medicines that can fight against crucial diseases. Some of the sectors that are witnessing high growth in recent times are nanotechnology, genetic engineering, and life sciences.

What Is Being Achieved With Biotechnology?

With the advent of biotechnology, humanity has been on the winning streak when it comes to discovering the most suitable natural form of medicine that can fight against disease and can effectively cure these fatal infections. With the invention of new technologies and tools that can be utilized in the field of biotechnology, we are able to make the most appropriate use of these tools and explore untapped vistas. Moreover, the knowledge of biotechnology that has been derived from the basic research done in the field of biology has provided a solid platform for the pharmaceutical industry. All in all, this technological advancement has created wonders in the medical world and has greatly contributed towards the medical and health care industry.