Drug Testing in Sports: What you Need to Know

football player sitting on grass

Sports federations have made rules to ensure fair play in every match. But unfortunately, sportspersons are also using unfair means to win the titles. Hence the governing bodies of different games considered it a need of the hour to design some compulsory rules regarding the use of any supplement that can enhance stamina.

Whether it’s football, hockey, cricket, badminton, or weightlifting, the player has to submit the latest drug test report. If you are an athlete who has to participate in a game but don’t want to go for the drug test, you have to upgrade your knowledge. The federation of a sport can demand the dope test result of any player if there is any suspicion or complaint.

This post will lift the curtain from the queries about drug testing in sports.

football players discussing while sitting on the pitch

Why is a drug test necessary for a sportsperson?

No one wants to visit the lab to be tested, but there is no option left behind when it’s compulsory. In the previous years, there were cases reported in different games where players used chemicals to support their bodies.

It is unethical to utilize any source which objects the fair gameplay. For instance, weightlifters use steroids through injections to beat their opponents. The intramuscular injection helps them to maintain their powerful bulging body.

The same situation is in the case of cricketers who take pills to conserve their energy for a day-long match using beta-blockers.

There is no honor in winning the matches using unfair means; hence the drug test acts as a filter for those who are physically fit and active.

What are the chemicals which are tested during a drug test?

It depends on the sports organizations to declare which drug is illegal to use for the game. Although following are some chemicals that the administrations of different sports blocklist:

  • Marijuana
  • Morphine
  • Opioids
  • Alcohols
  • Beta-blockers
  • Growth Hormones
  • Anti-depressants

If any one of the blacklist drugs from the list mentioned above are found during the drug test of the player, it may lead to a lifetime ban on that player.

However, in some sports, the player has the liberty to take nutritional supplements from any external source. 

What are the possible samples for Drug testing?

Different samples are collected for testing different drugs in the body. It depends on the half-life of the drug, age, gender, and bodyweight of the player, which helps decide which sample will be suitable.

Following are the specimens which are used for the analysis of chemicals:

  • Blood Sample
  • Urine Sample
  • Hair Sample
  • Saliva Sample
  • Sweat Sample

The specimen collection process is painless and straightforward, except for blood testing. 

At what levels do you need a drug testing report for sports participation?

If you think that a drug test report is compulsory for participating in games at the international level, you are at the wrong end of the river. Now high schools, colleges, and county-level clubs also ensure fair gameplay.

Hence if you need to show your talent in the field, you need to give proof of not abusing drugs or being addicted to any drug. Otherwise, you can sit in the stands and cheer other players.


The true meaning of sports relies upon a game with no cheating! Hence a player must show a genuine sportsman spirit and participate in games without misusing any drugs!