Sustainability: Simple Ways to Make Your Life Greener

cardboard recycled box

Among the many simple ways to live green is to recycle but there are more than a few other methods to bring more sustainability in your life. While most people only use recyclable materials outside of their homes, you can bring the bottles home and reuse them. This simple way can help reduce your energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint. You can also reduce your plastic bag usage and re-use plastic bags. In addition, you should be careful when you are out and about to avoid littering. The next time you shop for a bottle of juice, consider bringing it home instead.

Reduce your energy consumption

Energy usage is directly connected to the health of the environment, so it is important to limit the amount of energy you consume. Not only does this reduce the pollution that power plants produce, it also preserves the earth’s natural resources and protects ecosystems from destruction. In addition to making your life greener, reducing your energy consumption will help save the planet’s resources, including the natural resources that are found within your own home.

Reuse plastic bags

One of the most effective ways to reduce your household waste is to reuse plastic bags. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans use more than two hundred billion plastic bags each year. Stray plastic bags are not only a nuisance, they are harmful to the environment. Stray bags clog landfills and contaminate wildlife. They also never biodegrade, so if you want to help the environment, reuse plastic bags.

Reducing your carbon footprint

The carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases produced by an individual. The Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project estimates that by 2050, everyone on earth must reduce their carbon footprint by an average of 1.87 tons per person. The United States is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases; China’s per capita emissions are only 8.2 tons. There are a number of simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint.


Among the many simple ways to make your life greener are using reusable bags and containers when shopping. Also, if you are buying groceries, buy reusable coffee cups and water bottles, and reduce your use of plastic food containers. You can also reduce your food waste by eating less meat and dairy. Other simple ways to make your life greener include going paperless, reducing your usage of plastic packaging, switching to a green energy supplier, and making your own washing powder.

Growing your own food

One of the biggest categories of trash thrown into landfills is edible food. Growing your own food is a great way to make sure you are not contributing to this waste. It’s also a great way to connect with nature and learn about where your food comes from. It is also a fun way to get the whole family involved, and it is a great way to teach your kids about going green.

Using eco-friendly cleaning products

Using eco-friendly cleaning products is a great way to reduce your environmental impact without giving up the convenience of your regular cleaning supplies. These cleaners are non-toxic, free of animal testing and are biodegradable. Eco-friendly cleaners also meet stringent environmental and labour standards. When choosing cleaning supplies, you should also choose products that are certified as fair trade and contain a minimum amount of volatile organic compounds, or VOC.